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  • Gracious Living is a visual expression of Orange County, California the epicentre of suburbia and American conservatism. Yorba Linda, the birthplace of Richard Nixon, has a motto that reads “The Land of Gracious Living.” Through video stills, film scans, photos & interviews Gracious Living documents the dual experience of both loving and hating Orange County.


    "I began this project as a documentary film on my friend Chris Gordon about 5 years ago. It started as a conversation about love / hate relationship he had with the area we are both from, and it turned into me misrepresenting his ideas. I ended up scrapping the film project. A couple years later I was staying with Ben Thompson of Desire Press and he got me interested in turning the project into a print book. Everyone I originally told about the film project would always ask when I was going to revisit it. So there is inherently a duality to the project. I want the content inside both to shed light on what it feels like to grow up in Orange County, but also illustrate some of my lack of self-awareness and the lack of self-awareness that comes with living there." — Lucas Chemotti



    Interviews: Ed Templeton, Rikk Agnew, Jeremy Wray, Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard of Burger Records, Adam Lentz of Revelation Records, Cara-Beth Burnside, Brian Sumner & Jeremy Stith.


    Desire 04
    Vacuum sealed
    10" x 7"
    108 Pages
    Perfect bound


    First edition ltd.


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